Infinity Exchange's token IFT (ticker used for consistency, but may be updated/modified in due course prior to ICO) is a governance token that allows the Infinity community to truly govern the Infinity protocol. By sharing control of the protocol, Infinity enables traders, market makers, partners and users of all types fo work collectively towards an enhanced protocol.

Infinity enables a robust ecosystem around governance, rewards, and staking - each designed to drive future growth and decentralization of Infinity, resulting in a better experience for all users with Staking pools designed to promote liquidity and safety, and Rewards programs to encourage usage driving both growth and adoption.


The crypto financial markets depend critically on robust interest rate primitives and that current protocols are insufficient in this regard. They are not insufficient fundamentally, but rather, they are faced with computational limitations that restrict them from being both capital efficient, composable, and interoperable from a risk perspective.

Infinity has a roadmap that includes enabling not just Interest Rates, but other financial products in the future. The building of these start with something we call the Risk Oracle.

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